Yeah, I didn’t really keep my promise to myself on writing every day. But I did yoga, which I think was a pretty good thing.

I’m doing yoga for the past 4 days, and hopefully I will continue on doing it in following days. I’m up pretty early in the morning, so I did this video as a routine in the mornings in my free days, but this morning I was up really early and I was in a hurry, and in the evening I did another video of SarahBethYoga. She is pretty damn good. One of the best yoga videos I’ve ever seen in YouTube. She does not push, and she does not hurry, she explains everything really good and her voice is so soothing. Hopefully I’m going to do the morning routine tomorrow morning and see how it will turn out on my body during a school day.

So, I will explain really quickly what I’m up to this year in uni, and also in life. Then I’m gonna play some Don’t Starve, and hop on to the bed. This year is my last year, so I’m doing my final project, which I’ve done the field study and research with a colleague, led by one of our teachers and friends; a doctorate student. I’m planning on continuing on the academy so my final project is really important for me. I’m observing the thin sections of rocks that we have collected so far. I plan to send an abstract for a poster to the EGU General Assembly 2016 in Vienna. Pretty exciting.

I’m guessing that nobody knows who follows only my wordpress, but if you follow me on instagram you may know that I’ve done Interrail with a friend. So I travelled through 5 different countries, and it took 20 days. I’m planning on writing some stuff about it in here, and post some pictures because I haven’t posted much to anywhere. I’m pretty excited about that.

This is it for today, let’s hop on to bed because I’m sooo tired. Have nice day y’all.


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