Second Skin

Throughout this year, I’ve been quite obsessed with StyleLikeU which is a site that is founded by Elisa and Lily, lovely mother and daughter. Watching their webisodes and reading the blog was a huge inspiration, because this site tries to reflect the people that are included in their site as much as possible. You wouldn’t have the chance to feel like understanding a person that much when you were reading an article from Vogue or something, and this is really not fashion, this is a person’s personality. And StyleLikeU really emphasizes that in their videos. There are closet interviews of artists, musicians, writers, dancers, knitters… all kind of different people. Famous, or not. It was a pleasure to watch Dita Von Teese‘s for example.

Even though these videos were the things that I watched to make my mood better, and have some inspiration sometimes, there are some webisodes of StyleLikeU that I’ve never missed. Second Skin. It is really weird to watch people wearing a complete stranger’s clothes, and see how they judge each other by their clothes at first. But they really understand each other when they meet. The video that I put to the beginning of my post affected me the most, because two women judged each other by their clothes a lot and then at the end of the day, they still were not comfortable in someone else’s skin, but they embraced each other. And when they meet, they see that clothes is nothing. Also this new episode is amazing too, especially seeing Elana cry made my eyes watery. I do have a lot of prejudgements about people’s appearance when I first see them, I think this webisodes are helping me a lot to get over it.

And also, I think they will release the new episode of second skin in several days which include Arabelle Sicardi, who I’m sure a lot of Rookie readers know 🙂 I’m looking forward to it. And they also have her closet interview.


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