I’ve just realized that I was doing really stupid things for the last couple of weeks.

  1. maisara said:

    hi i just visited your blog and read a few posts . They are cool . hahah and i wanted bangs too but too worried if it would not look okay hee

    visit my blog: http://maisaramajid.blogspot.com 🙂

    i hope its not too late too say happy 2014 !

    • oh my god sorry for my late answer, i’ve been busy with my finals. thank you sooo much. happy new your to you, too! hopefully i’m gonna post some more when my finals are over, in the meantime i’m using my tumblr account for little posts you can follow me on http://isilmonika.tumblr.com

      i’m still worried if the bangs would look okay or not and i haven’t got them still…

      i will definitely visit your blog, thank you again. have a nice day!

  2. Sarah Z said:

    hello isilnoir! hope u did well on your finals 🙂
    Reading what u wrote about living in a gray cloud, feeling all confused about who you are and what you like, and how you feel like you might have transformed over the years into someone who’s not the person you wanted to be… well, reading that I think… I’ve been there… and then again haven’t we all. ’cause everyone has there ‘lost’ moments, where they’re trying to figure stuff out about themselves, about their impact on the people around them… that’s just a part of the journey, so don’t get freaked out, ’cause it’ll work out eventually
    And i know that feeling when you know it’s not the end of the world if you get bangs or not, but you just cant help yourself, ’cause it does change a little bit of who you are… but you can cut them and they’ll grow right back!
    That’s just it… make decent decision, stick to it, and in time, things will turn out just the way they’re supposed to.
    from just another girl admiring your blog :~)

    • sarah you can’t believe how happy and relaxed i am to see your beautiful comment. i failed one of my exams and i’m re-studying it for a resit exam, and i’ve been quite anxious about it in last couple of days – and the finals week before that was so stressful, too. so your sweet words made me really happy, and they changed my bad mood instantly. thank you for really nice advices and wishes. it’s really nice to hear from people who are struggling or have struggled the same things as you, because you think you’re doing something wrong and that’s why you are like that. empathizing with someone about my feelings makes me feel normal and relaxed. thank you so much. i hope you have an amazing new year, and also thank you for visiting my blog, too! i will definitely post some other things next week, i hope you like and visit it again.

      • Sarah Z said:

        no, you have no idea how happy you just made me feel! 😀 Except for the fact that you have to resit your exam :/
        It’s like you said… sometimes all we need is just a few kind words from some far-off same-feeling stranger. It’s like God’s way of telling us your not the only human out here!
        I have exams now too, and I’m supposed to be studying, and I’m not so I feel like a failure right now,
        But I know I can do better, and so can you.
        Yea, I’d love to be back here again, but maybe after exams.
        All the best!

  3. Sarah Z said:

    here from rookie btw 😉

    • most of my visiters are 😀 it’s really nice to connect with people from rookie, i feel like a family there. i hope i could go some meet-ups or something, but it’s really hard for me to do it from turkey 😀 actually my purpose was to connect with nice people like you, that’s why i started that blog and shared it in rookie 😀

  4. Sarah Z said:

    thanx! yea thats why I was thinking of starting a blog.. have been thinking about it for some time now, but i just can’t find the right theme!
    meetups would be CO_OL!!! especially if it would mean that I meet someone in turkey!! its way cooler (temp-wise) than sudan (where i live)

    • ahaha if you ever come to turkey, we can create a little meet-up 😀 i’m really confused about themes, too. trying not to care about the themes, if i worry i would change them every hour 😀

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