“Tomb Raider: A Survivor Is Born” Review

Today, it’s a bit different post from the others. You know that I’m into games since I’ve talked about playing Half-Life etc. But I’ve never wrote a game review, until now.


I know Lara Croft since I was really little. I was into archeology and I was following every single TV show or movie that I could find on TV about archeology and mysterious, adventurous stories about ancient years. I’ve always dreamed of finding an old tomb which is protected by some fatal traps, just like we see in Indiana Jones and Tomb Raider movies and a lot of movies has been made in this concept actually.

I must be 11 or something when I first got the Tomb Raider III PC game’s CD from my cousin. I haven’t finished it because it was really hard for me since it was like the first game I’ve ever played, and I didn’t know English. So it was hard. But I remember spending hours playing it. I was obsessed with things in Lara’s house because I haven’t been able to open any doors in it (I’ve watched a walkthrough a few minutes ago, and I found out that it is not easy to open that doors even when you are 19 years old).

So I was similar to the image of Lara Croft. But I’ve always known her as a really harsh, big woman (big boobs). Angelina Jolie played her really harsh, and in the video games you could see a woman who can do everything without anybody’s help.

However, this game was not like that at all. Lara and I were almost equally weak. She was like me. Or any other teenager girl. And we saw her as life changes her personality and also the look in her eyes, she also changes physically.

This scene is incredible. Lara, haven’t looked at any mirror since the accident at all, and it looks like she sees the brutality and change in her eyes.

The acting was beautiful. I must appreciate Camilla Luddington because she really reflected the mimics and the voice of innocence, desperation, fear and lots of feelings that Lara faced through the game. It really impressed me. Also the other people was really good, too. The expressions of soldiers who attacked Lara was quite enjoyable because they all were scared from her, and they also wanted revenge because Lara continues on killing their brothers and they just expressed it. There were really emotional scenes in the game. I don’t want to give spoilers but sometimes I felt like I was really gonna cry.

I think being a woman and playing a woman character in a game, seeing her getting stronger and stronger just makes you connect with that character. That’s what happened for me.

And if we look it more technically, the game was not the best. I see so much similarities between this game and Assassin’s Creed series when we look at the parkour-ish parts. The new movements added to Ezio in Assassin’s Creed: Revelations and we could see the same movements in Lara, too. But I think when the subject is climbing, jumping and “parkouring” there is nothing much you can change practically.

I also liked the fact that you could find other people’s journals and you could actually read them, it was really fun. And also we’ve had a chance to really examine the artifacts that we’ve found. I liked that so much that I tried to find as much artifact and journal as I can.

I liked the combat, because I’m not good at killing people in video games, I think that’s because I got excited when I see something threatening and then I can’t be able to headshot people (is headshot is a verb?). And in this game I felt like I’m the best video game player ever because I ROCKED. It was really fun to aim with bow and I’ve always used just my bow and rifle, I haven’t even attempt to do anything contains brawling. Another thing I liked was in combat, the soldiers were talking between themselves. I’m not a person who plays every video game but it’s the first time I saw something like this. All the people was like “She’s hurt! Let’s kill her!” or “She’s moving!” or “Where the fuck she came from?” they were saying things like that. So, it was fun for me. I don’t know what the real best video players ever would think about it but it worked for me.

A really annoying thing was in the cut scenes, Lara could really kill Mathias. I mean, I would. I think it is a real fail. And -contains spoiler- and in the end where I should kill Mathias, again I got really annoyed because I was like “Oh god, I fucking killed a beast over there! And I’m having trouble killing Mathias! What the fuck?!” -spoiler ended-

Another annoying thing was when the game was over, my gear was not finished. But it was not that annoying.


And if you played and liked the game or thinking about playing the game you can watch this video series which contains no spoiler. And you should do that because it is really fun. When I was watching it I was like “Oh god! I killed that man like thousand times!” and there is also Zachary Levi which makes the video watchable if it’s even shit.


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