She & Him – Volume 3

I’ve told you before that I used to be a huge fan of She & Him. Seriously, it was the only thing that I listened for a while and I was raving about it really much. I was still a fan of She & Him, but not that much. I haven’t get excited when I listened their Christmas albums. I think me losing my interest in She & Him is a bit about the interest that I’ve lost in Zooey Deschanel. Because I was also a big fan of her. I started not to like her when I started to watch her TV show New Girl. I was really excited about that TV show; huge disappointment. A TV show all about Zooey Deschanel and its like for satisfying the fans of her. Totally overrated. That frustrated me so much, I started to hate her. I chilled out then, but I was really angry at first.

So, my point is, with this new album I’ve gained my old interest to She & Him. Oh god. What a good album, what a cute video clip. I really liked the video clip because -I don’t know if I have told this- but I love synchronized dance. Besides the dance, it was a cute clip, dresses was good and it was quite funny. I just didn’t like M. Ward sitting there like he did before in the video clip of In the Sun and Zooey is always trying to impress him in the video clips.

Other songs are really good, too. I Could’ve Been Your Girl is like the funny song of the album. I really liked Never Wanted Your Love which was the first released song from the album. And another favourite of mine is Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me. It sounds like a bit different from the usual She & Him songs, I don’t know. It felt like that. I’ve found Sunday Girl and London a bit different, too. The only song that I don’t really like was I’ve Got Your Number, Son which is the first song on the album. I didn’t like Zooey’s screams at the background. Actually I like Zooey’s voice really much, and I can listen to her screamings and cryings all day, she uses them good (I was addicted to this). But I didn’t like that one, I don’t know why. It could be because it scared me a little when I first started to listen to the album it came out really out loud and it scared me. I jumped. So, I think our first met with this song was a bit bad. So. Maybe I’ll like it.

I wanted to make a The Office and Doctor Who review, too. In this post. But I will do them another time because I have a midterm which is Friday and this post was way too long to add another things.

Thanks for reading, I hope you like the post. See you soon!

  1. Ah, the song is so catchy and the dance is totally adorable~ ♡
    I didn’t even know that Zooey was a musician, I have heard of the New Girl, but the only movie with her I have watched is Bridge to Terabithia, sad, but beautiful!

    • I don’t personally think that Zooey is a good actress because she simply plays the same girl in every movie or TV show (manic pixie dream girl type) and I think she plays herself, basically. But her voice is so unique, they make really good songs with M. Ward and they actually make good song choices to cover and the covers are really good, too.

      I’m glad you liked them because I like them really much 😀 And you should definitely watch “(500) Days of Summer” it’s a really enjoyable movie.

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