News. Yaay!

Hi everyone, I’m here with just a random blog post about the recent things in my life.

I’m happy to declare that today has been and going to be a sleepy day. I’ve watched 2 seasons of Awkward, I watched some silly YouTube videos, and now I’m looking at some fashion blogs that I like. Before Tuesday, I was in very tiring actions. Like studying for midterms, or my driver license exam, or trying to write a whole research paper in one night, or working a lot.

I’ve really worked a lot in the past two weeks, because there was the 32nd Istanbul Film Festival. I was an employee in the festival so it’s been a rough two weeks because despite of the fact that I’ve chosen the empty days of mine, it’s not that cool to work 12 hours at some days. I’ve watched 13 movies, though (my favourites were Disconnect, the Man Who Laughs and the Fifth Season). Well, working is not a bad thing for me because I obviously gonna earn money from it, but these two weeks were my exam weeks as well.

None of my exams went well.

I don’t know what will happen to my grades, but I’ve promised myself to study more and work less. And actually I’m thinking about not working at all (unless they don’t pay me ridiculously small amounts of money) until the end of the spring term. I know that I will correct everything in my life if I don’t pay attention to other things except my lectures.

And an exciting new; I’m gonna go to Ankara tomorrow. This is the first time I’m gonna go out of the city just by myself (remember that I’m nearly 20 years old… ugh). I’m gonna attend to a convention in Middle East Technical University.

My expectations after I come back from Ankara is;

  • write that damn research paper
  • go swimming
  • study

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