marchourites – march favourites

Here’s my march favourites. I knooooow, I should have been posted them a week ago, but mid-terms. Sorry.

My Mad Fat Diary

I’ve literally been waiting for to mention this show in my march favourites post since the beginning of march. Forget about all other shows I’ve watched, this is the best one. THE BEST. I personally think high school teachers should make their students watch this. People (especially teenager people) need to realize how precious they are.

Everything Is Illuminated

As you can see, it’s the book of Everything Is Illuminated. I haven’t watched the movie but I definitely will, because the book was awesome. What is awesomeness? Let me explain it to you. If you read this book, you will laugh a lot, cry a lot, and feel a lot. The most important thing in this book is feeling. It’s about the words the writer’s used, about the spaces he left between words and the dots he put somewhere between words and words and words. When you read the things he wrote, you will feel like you are listening somebody’s inner voice. And that makes the book real, and more than that, it feels like you are experiencing the same things as the main characters of the book. Please don’t read it in public I’m not responsible for spontaneous crying sessions.

Alex Day Songs

I can’t say that I wasn’t a big fan of Alex Day songs before then, but with I’ve Got What It Takes and uTorrent’s free 10 songs of Alex Day thing made me go literally CRAZY. First of all, I have some things to say about I’ve Got What It Takes. God. This is a really good song. Really good. When I first watched the video, it gave me goosebumps. It was beautiful. And when I’m listening it everyday on my phone when I’m on the road for school, I get sad. Because, it feels like I’m one of those souls who don’t follow their dreams. I’m totally confused by this song. I’m trying to understand what I want from life, what I want to do, do I want to be a geologist? Really? Was it my childhood dream? It kinda was, but I’ve had bigger dreams. But are these dreams are the ones that everyone’s had? Like being famous, making music, drawing, to summarize; being inspirational. I’m still trying to find out. And, did you realize that Carrie is wearing the same dress all the time? Looks good, though.

Into The Gloss

Lastly, without image content, here is a website that I follow through march. I’m checking it everyday. It’s a bit girly, things about fashion, make up and stuff. But really cool. Check it out. I was looking at this website while I was procrastinating about writing this post. Sorry.


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