my childhood heroes III

Hi erryone. This is the third edition of my childhood heroes. I know it’s getting mad, maybe I should have named the posts “my childhood icons” or something. But I dunno, I still feel like they’re my heroes.

Violet Baudelaire 

This girl has been like a style icon for me at first. I loved her gothic dress, her shoes, her bangs, her little braid, and her black ribbon she used for tying her hair. I cut my first bang (which I couldn’t give up from cutting it like 10 years or something) when I see Emily Browning in The Series of Unfortunate Events movie. I took a picture of her with me when I was heading to the hairdresser. I’ve had a black ribbon like hers. Then I started to read the books. Actually, I’ve read the third book before the movie, but I wasn’t even remembering it when I was watching. It could be because I am a children. With shitty memory. I don’t know. Then I read the 7th, 8th and 9th book. I don’t really know why I started with 7. I think I couldn’t find the earlier books and took these. Whatever, when I read the books, I realized she was like the person I want to be. So smart. OH GOD SHE WAS SO SMART. I was a little nerdy when I was at that age, doing experiments, reading books about evolution or something… And I’ve always want to fix some things or invent something. I used to love dealing with some cables and screwdrivers. Actually, I still do. But this nerdy things made me love Violet. I tried to be like her for a while, then somehow I quitted. Oh god. I should read the rest of the books.


Well, I really don’t know how to describe my fanatism about Tintin when I was a kid. It all started when I learnt to read. I’ve started to take old books from my uncles’ and grandpa’s house. The first one I’ve read was The Secret of the Unicorn. I guess it was my cousin’s or something. They’ve had a bunch of The Adventures of Tintin comics, so I took them all to my own house and read them one by one. There was the chronological list of the comics at the back of each comic, so I followed the pattern and read it like a mad. Someday I realized I haven’t got any other Tintin comics to read, so I’ve read them all again. And again. And again. Tintin started to get into my life, I remember mentioning it at primary school to my teacher. With my big child’s brain, I draw a girlfriend to Tintin. I did it. I saw him in some of my dreams, that I took adventures with him. The favourite comic of mine was Prisoners of the Sun, I dreamed that I was Zorrino in that story. Unluckily, I lost the copy of Prisoners of the Sun and I haven’t buy it yet. Yeah. I should buy it.


That’s all for now. I’m gonna be here for the march favourites post as soon as I can. I have a homework to do… Actually I was planning to post this at the middle of the march. But I’ve had midterm exams. Sorry for that. I hope you enjoy your reading, if you do, please follow me on here, or tumblr, goodreads, wherever you want. Thank you!


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