Hi, pals. I’m sorry that I’ve left you without me for a loooong time. Actually, I attempted to write a blog post like two weeks ago, but when I was writing it, I remembered to look at my school’s system to see if I passed math resit exam or not. I was pretty sure that I failed, because most people’s results were revealed and when I looked at mine, it seemed I get an FF. But I thought “maybe my result was not declared back then, I should check it again” then I saw that I pass math resit exam. I’VE PASSED MATH! I made a loud noise then I ran to living room and hold my mother while I was crying from happiness. I laugh at my reaction now, I was so pathetic… I was like the girl from disneyland surprise video (I wanted to embed it to this post but I couldn’t, I dunno why)

Whatever, sorry for this. I almost stopped writing this post, too. For playing Dota2. Today I have a weird need about playing video games. I finished Black Mesa (eventually) and I’m gonna start Half-Life2 (god knows when). Also, I became a Dexter fan. I finished the 5th season like 2-3 days ago, and watched 6th season’s first episode. However, I’m thinking about having a break and maybe I can watch the rest of the 6th season and the 7th season later. But I might start to watch them tomorrow, I’m in an indecisiveness process. BUT, I finally decide to cut my hair, YAAY! I’m doing it this sunday (I hope).

I know it’s a bit short and aimless post, but when I pass this writer’s block (yeah, writer…) I will write something proper. I mean, when I found a subject. It could be a new book that I read or a movie or a new episode of Doctor Who. OH I ALMOST FORGOT, Community is starting! Yaaaaayayay. Ok, I’m finishing this silly post bye. Take care of yourself, guys.

  1. Tasya said:

    I know what you mean when you said about crying from happiness! Hahah I had the same reaction when I got my O level results last time and when I looked at my results the first time I couldn’t believe it and was speechless that I started crying and both my brother and mother thought I had failed. Lol, it was so silly but the greatest feeling, no doubt. Congrats on you passing!

  2. Thank you! It’s the best feeling, I agree with you. I mean if you cry for something, that means it’s important for you. If this crying thing was from happiness, you should be double epic happy or ultimate happy and shocked something like that. Besides, I was really in shock because I really, REALLY wasn’t thinking about passing math. I was 99% sure that I failed.

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