Doctor Who – The Snowmen Review

Hi, mateys! I know that it’s a bit late review of the christmas episode of Doctor Who. I’m sorry about that because I’ve had final exams and homeworks blablah. So let’s get started.

I told that I really loved Oswin when I first saw her at the first episode of the seventh season, Asylum of the Daleks. I said that this girl and this epic story have brought us to old seasons, back to this Doctor Who spirit we missed. When Amy and Rory are gone, I cried the hell out of me. However, I didn’t like seventh seasons’ episodes except first one. Then Clara came back, and the old spirit comes back again. It was legendary, and it really was a plot twist we never expected. I’m glad they did this, it started to become like a River Song, there’s a crack in my wall or a silence will fall mystery. I hope it will end at the season final and it will be a huge plot twist.

The story was a bit scary, I mean a person falls into a pond, and then pond gets frozen. And they’re finding the body when it’s melted. This gave me goosebumps. A really weird thing. However, the snowmen and the frozen lady etc. were not that scary and qualified I think. With Steven Moffat, aliens of Doctor Who became more fairytale-ish. He writes anything he wants, even if he wants to write a parapsychologic story, and then he says that they are aliens. Of course there would be aliens like that, but ALL of them is like that and with that  Doctor Who started to become a children show.

Although, Clara was wonderful. She is so cute, so beautiful and she acts well. My favorite companion was Donna Noble, and I think this girl could get Donna’s throne. I like her curiosity and bravery. Amy Pond was curious and also she was brave, but she wasn’t get as excited as Clara, and Amy is not a very adventureous person I think. She’s more like a family person. I’m not saying this because she’s married to Rory or something. From starting to the end, Amy was with Doctor just because he was her hero. The link between them was so powerful. When I look at Clara, I can see that even if she doesn’t have the Doctor, she could find herself in adventures. She was living two other lifes! She was two different people!

In this episode, we saw the Doctor’s blue period. It made me remember the first episode after Rose was gone. Tenth Doctor always tried to be tough, he didn’t want to reflect his sadness to anybody. But we saw it in his eyes when somebody mentions about her. Elevent Doctor, he was a really childish person, though. He couldn’t hide his feelings about Amy and Rory. It was wonderful to see him be affected by them like this. He became one of their family members, first time in his life he had a family and they’re gone. But all he has done in his life full with kindness and favors to people. Where was karma? Even if he’s all blue, he couldn’t compress his instincts about adventures and helping people. He helped them. And I could see in his eyes, he was so excited about Clara and he really liked her.

Consequently, I want to talk about really little things that impress me in this episode. As you see, we’ve had a lesbian couple in Doctor Who! I got so excited when they said that they are married. I don’t know if we will see them in next episodes, but I hope we will see them. The next thing I want to mention is, Clara and the Doctor’s kiss. He seemed so excited! I thought he was an alien, he wouldn’t have enjoyed it that much! And also, he is married, people. He can’t do this to River 😦 I want to see River in next episodes SO much. I hope the writers include her. At least if she got the point in her storyline when she died at the library they could tell us that.

That’s all from me. It’s not been as good as I expected, but I finished my review. Thanks for reading!

Edit: I can’t believe myself, I forgot to mention about TARDIS’s new design! I really liked it. It reflects the blueness of the Doctor. But why did he do that? I really don’t know. He changes TARDIS from home to a real spaceship. It’s weird. But I liked it.

    • I hope you didn’t get annoyed by spoilers 😦 I didn’t write “contains spoilers” because I thought people won’t read it if they don’t want to read spoilers 😀 Thank you so much for reading the post!

  1. its me said:

    Omg I just discovered your blog and I have crush on you already!!!!!!! Finding new blog mentioning Doctor Who is literally the best thing everrrr. Sorry for being a bit hysterical 😀

    • THANK YOU SOO MUCH! It’s not hysterical it’s just being real and natural! I got excited too much when I see your comment I’m smiling ridiculously 😀

      • its me said:

        Which Doctor do you like the most? I started with the 11th, but I want to watch all of them (I dont have any time left, ugh).

        And by the way: I am thinking about creating a blog, but because I am not form english-speaking country and my english is pretty school-ish (but I think its not that bad) I am a bit confused if I should write my blog in english or at my native language (slovak). I dont know why but english sounds much cooler. Any ideas from a whovian? 🙂

  2. I can’t separate Doctors from each other, I love them all (I mean, three of them. I just watched 2005-2012) But the 10th Doctor left a big effect on me. You should watch it. I can’t tell that I love 10th and 9th Doctor more than the 11th, but honestly when I look at all the seasons, 1-2-3-4 were better than 5-6-7.

    I think you should write in english. I was in that dilemma when I decided to create a blog, then I chose writing in english. It’s not because english is more cool, actually I think turkish is way more cool than it, but I wanted to write in english because I wanted to reach everybody, all over the world. Most of the turkish people knows english, they also can read my blog, and people in Chile, people in Iran, people in Japan can read my blog as long as they know english. Looots of people knows english. Using this language means reaching everybody. And I improved my english a lot by writing this blog. However, if you think you can write good, you should also write in slovak. I write my personal journal in turkish, because using your own language brings deepness to your words. And also you can write both in english and slovak, I know some turkish bloggers writing their blog in turkish and english both. I don’t think it will bother anybody. These are my recommendations, but I think you should do what you want and write in a language that you feel free.

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