Hey, I’m getting up at 06:00 am tomorrow and it’s 01:16 am at my country right now. But I need to write.

The last three days has been rough for me. Because my period started three days ago… I don’t have premenstrual syndromes like everyone else, so I started to get mad when the period starts. That day, my parents tried to took me a wedding, and I didn’t want to go. When they wanted to force me to go to the wedding, I was acting like it was the end of the world and they are forcing me to murder my sister or something (wut?!), I was pretty depressive. But eventually, I went to the wedding. Our road to wedding was very VERY painful because I had a pain in my belly, and I had queasiness. Moreover, I was very hungry… I almost cried. When I ate the things they serve at wedding I started to dance. I did eleventh doctor’s dance at Amy and Rory’s wedding which I like. Then they started to play Gangnam Style, I wasn’t thinking about doing the dance of it but then I go like “whatever, I’m not gonna see these people again” and started to dance like crazy.

The next day I was playing Black Mesa. It has been a long gaming adventure for me because I’m not able to open my desktop PC very often, and my father gets mad when he see I’m playing a game with guns and also my mother thinks it is a waste of time. So I’ve been playing this game like 4 months or something. And I eventually got the end of it that day, just 2 chapters left, it means like 1 or 2 hours or something. Then my father asked for the speakers of the desktop PC… When I was trying to unplug it PC gave blue screen and turned itself off. When I opened the PC again the Steam wasn’t working. I tried to ask one of my friends to do something but I couldn’t wait their answer and deleted steam. I thought I would download it again, but I didn’t know that I should download Black Mesa again… So all the chapters I played was gone. My hours. I started to cry. I cried like my pet is dying or something. I cried so deep. It was awful. And my mother made fun of me because I was crying for a video game…

At that night my belly ached again and I couldn’t sleep till 5 am. When I woke up (today), I was so tired that my legs were shaking when I tried to walk. I think this will continue tomorrow.



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