Something boring

Hey! I know it’s been a while since I post something and I know I’ve been saying this in every post I’ve posted. I have got a few followers and I think that they don’t read most of my posts (because I’m not reading every posts of everyone I follow in WordPress) and it makes me irresponsible about writing something on my blog. I’ve bought a netbook and it’s so fun much to write with it because its buttons looks like peppermint candies so that’s why I’m writing right now. Another reason is, I watched so many Community episodes and I wanted to have a break for new episodes (for like an hour) and I got bored of looking at 9gag or Youtube, then I realized that I have a blog. I spent so much time on my PC for last 2-3 days because it’s new, and you must use new things so permanently! It’s the thing that make new things magical. Whatever, I’m cool with spending this much time on PC because it’s holiday in my country! And I don’t need to do anything on a holiday, because it is a holiday and it is not something like semester holiday it’s a holiday holiday, like Christmas. I should be happy all the time and I don’t need to do homework blah blah (but I have some HW, yes. ING103G). I just realized how silly I am writing on my blog, e.g. I didn’t make a new paragraph I’m writing straightly and it is continuing. And I don’t care what I wrote and I don’t care the grammar. I should have made a new paragraph when I started writing about how silly I am. But, obviously, I don’t care.

I need to do my homework and study maths (or I’m gonna fail this semester like I did in the last semester) OR I could draw something instead of doing some stupid things on PC (look at meeeeeeee I’m soo responsibleeeeeee) but but but but but but but but   I  C A N ‘ T


  1. Ana said:

    Your life sounds a lot like mine.

    • IT CAN’T BE! Your life looks so cute in your blog.

  2. Ana said:

    PS. I just sent a Goodreads Friend Request, in case you were wondering who the friggadigga “Ana” is.

    • I couldn’t find your friend request therefore I tried to find you in Goodreads but I couldn’t decide which Ana is you, then I gave up…

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