It’s been a while since I’ve written something to my blog, it’s been school things and I’ve been so much tired when I get home. Home was supposed to make me feel like I’m in home, but I feel like I just come something every night to study, eat dinner and sleep. I didn’t write anything when school is not open, too. But I don’t know why I didn’t write something in that part of my life (I mean, it was 3 weeks or something). I’m gonna leave off school for thursdays, I dropped my french lesson in wednesday mornings and put literature class instead of it, so my thursdays are free now. And that is why I am writing a blog post right now. And for past hour, I’ve been scrolling on tumblr to see “The Angels Take Manhattan”‘s effects on tumblr people and some gifs or quotes to memorize the episode. Seeing these things -and my eyes got wet because of some gifs- made me encouraged about writing some things about Doctor Who. I was going to write a long post like I did when I watched “Asylum of the Daleks”  but I think the post is including some general recent news about my life so far. But it is coming to Doctor Who review, here it is;

I’ve never been that much sensitive about Amy and Rory’s relationship, it was kinda complicated at first and I’ve been feeling sorry for Rory about waiting for 2000 years, and then for “the old Amy”, and they were not really open to each other for a while… I’ve been getting sad about all these things but when they got over them, they started being just an ordinary sweet couple. And actually it was enjoyable to watch their happiness, because it was making you happy, too. But this episode RUINED ME. I RUINED, PEOPLE. THEY KILLED ME. WITH THEIR OWN BARE HANDS. Why are all the leavings on Doctor Who should be this much sad? I mean, I watched 2 seasons when there was Rose Tyler, I cried histerically in the episode “Doomsday”, and she came back in the 4th season suddenly, IT GAVE ME SO MUCH HOPE. But I cried a lot in “Journey’s End” too, for Rose. And Donna, poor Donna, the thing that Russel T. Davies do to Donna was a real shame. I get mad everytime I think about it. When the 10th Doctor goes away, I cried histerically again. And Moffat did it again to me. He gave me hope and took it in just one episode. It was really depressive.

I started punching the wall in this part


And, also, it was really good what happens between River and the Doctor. They were really cute. I adore Alex Kingston and I’ve always wanted to see these kind of scenes in Doctor Who about River and Doctor. OH GOD. THEY ARE REALLY GOOD. I got really happy when I was watching their first kiss, and their first “married couple” fight made me almost crying. And… River saying

“…it’s Professor Song to you.”
“‘…it’s Professor Song…”
“…Professor Song…”

It means that she is getting close to say goodbye.


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