Asylum of the Daleks – the post contains spoilers

I’ve just watched the new episode of Doctor Who,” Asylum of the Daleks”. It was brilliant. It was very, very brilliant. I’ve never thought of this idea that human body can turn into a Dalek without humanistic feelings, like Cybermen. 9-10th Doctors and 11th Doctor, there were always very different. Maybe it was about the difference between Russell T. Davies and Steven Moffat. They were looking things in a different point of view. But Christopher Ecclestone, and David Tennant, they were always at the top. It was like the 9th and 10th Doctors were the masterminds, but 11th was acting like a senior… Although 11th was older than them, logically. I could never say that the Matt Smith episodes can replace David Tennant or Christopher Ecclestone episodes. But it was the best. Literally THE BEST. The best of modern Doctor Who series.

When I first saw Jenna-Louise Coleman, and her cuteness, my heart started to beat more powerful because I really wasn’t expecting her. When I saw the trailer I said “it will be an ordinary Dalek episode… But it wasn’t. How will Oswin survive and become Carla? I don’t have a theory about it. Somebody says it is possible that Oswin may be the Doctor’s daughter;

It is possible, though. I learned expecting everything from Moffat. But it is so obvious, normally he does unexpected things. But, who knows. Whovians are as creative as Moffat and maybe their guesses will be true.

Another thing about Oswin is that she became a hero of Whovians immediately. When they first announce that the new companion is Jenna-Louise Coleman, everyone of us started looking for her pictures and most Whovians didn’t like her. But now, after this episode, almost nobody is talking about Amy or Rory but everybody talks about how wonderful Oswin is. And yes, I adore her when I saw her in this red dress and like she’s scrolling on Tumblr, she was using a keyboard like a boss, and she was one of us.


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