little dreams

Ten minutes ago, I was watching season 7 episodes of The Office. I spent all my time on computer today. I played minecraft for like two hours, watched The Science of Doctor Who and then The Women of Doctor Who and then a few episodes of The Office. I was bored. I turned the player off and start looking for some cool roller skates on eBay. I’m not gonna buy any of them, because I don’t have money, all my money is like 12$ or something. The things I do when I’m bored like “reading some articles” or “watching some youtube videos” or “pin something on pinterest” but I’ve never left off watching my favorite comedy show. This wasn’t about being bored, this was about something I saw in The Office.

It was the 13th episode of season 7, “Ultimatum”. Daryll, Dwight and Andy went to a roller-skating places which I saw in movies. Unfortunately, in my country there is nothing like a roller-skating place. You can easily find a place to ice-skate but I’ve never seen a roller-skating place like this (maybe there is one, there will always be hope). I realized that I’ve ALWAYS want to buy a roller skate (not inline, roller). I REALLY WANT IT. Especially the ones that you can use with your own shoes, they are awesome. I found a perfect one, but it is not my size.

This is andy rocking the skating rink.

This roller skate will be my little dream. It is not VERY important, but when it happens, it will be magical. Or special. Or both.

And I want to do a cartwheel. I realized it in The Office, too.

And I believe I will find my lost pencil, or I will buy exactly the same one (when I find it in somewhere because it is not being sold anywhere). These back to school days, I miss my pencil, I start to dream about her… My beautiful pencil…

Sweet Editing: My pen is so much looks like these ones; thiiiiiiiis thiiiiiiiiiiiis and thiiiiiiiiiiiis. The third one is the most likely one. But mine was completely black version of it.


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