my first normal blog post. not. exactly. normal.

Hi, people. My blog is not really being read by “people”, but maybe with more activation will bring more readers. Or… Just readers.

I really want to write a blog post. I think about what to write in my blog permanently. And actually I found a bunch of subjects to write about. But the inspiration… It just comes when I was ready to fall asleep, or when I was bored, or when I was on road. I think the keypad scares me. When I see the keypad, I always procrastinate the writing thing.


Actually maybe I’m being scared because I don’t think I’m good at english writing. My subconscious thinks I might not be succesful at bloggy things, but my conscious shows I just think “I’m procrastinating”. I think the post ends here. I don’t know. Maybe not. Maybe it shouldn’t. What do you think? I will be waiting for your opinions. Txt me gals.

My boyfriend bought me a microphone+earphone thing as a present, this is the first usage of it, and I just didn’t find anything to use for. And I think I should listen to music when I’m writing and I opened Alex Day’s new song, it is something like “she walks right through me”. It is a lovely song but it didn’t help me to write, so I stopped it till I finish the blog post. Why am I writing all of unnecessary things? Because I’d like to say that the girl in the clip doesn’t look like Karen Gillan at all. SHE CANNOT EVEN BE KAREN’S FINGERNAIL. Actually I do think these questions when I’m writing this capitally sentence, “where I should put the word ‘even’?” and “can non turkish people understand this sentence?”. However, the girl in the clip must be a very cute and sweet girl. BUT NOT AS MUCH AS KAREN.


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